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「美国限制级」欲望階梯 The Corporate Ladder.DVD/AVI


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2 s8 a7 [9 b3 y7 B* Z3 ^/ b5 y8 r* \2 _+ W- J4 x0 X+ b6 B0 v! M

) `' v0 j. x7 Q1 B导演: Nick Vallelonga2 D+ Y! L% T7 m
编剧: Christopher Reed / Greg Mellot / Nick Vallelonga
7 ^. ^) ?0 g$ W  ]类型: 动作 / 惊悚
1 y$ Z6 [3 ^' s1 _1 z. T+ D制片国家/地区: 美国
: N2 m  ~7 O- z7 i% L) W& r7 K8 W语言: 英语  _% y) k& e9 W
上映日期: 1997-05-109 ]  n: k% }) P& |4 Y
片长: 112 分钟% y3 W  Q2 N2 L* _0 y; {
IMDb链接: tt0115946  V9 @' w) z  X; s% y1 X, a8 O+ o
# O! V  `# z0 V5 n  Z
THE CORPORATE LADDER is a Playboy Channel movie, filled with pseudo-erotica and some beautiful women. John Anthony Denison (Crime Story) plays Matt, an up and coming advertising executive, on the brink of a major ad promotion contract with a jeans company. In steps his new assistant, Kathleen Kinmont, whose take charge attitude and imagination, win the deal for him. Of course, Kinmont has more than her career in mind: she wants Mark. Mark, of course, is married to lovely Talisa Soto, who is also pregnant. But lust wins over and Matt does engage in an affair with Kinmont. As in THE TEMP and FATAL ATTRACTION, this relationship can only be deadly---from the movie's opening sequence, we pretty much know who Kinmont really is. Add seedy Ben Cross as Matt's associate/rival who coerces his women to have sex with him to "advance their careers" and the setup is constructed for the movie's obvious ending. Cross' performance is so over the top; he has three scenes in his pool where the dialogue ...
" I5 U' o% h) l* C: s* J$ o8 |' F# i2 B* I4 R" a  w
, L% K  o. |: l3 |/ O

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